City of Hillcrest Village Building Permit Facts

Permits must be issued prior to any of the following building activity to include, but not limited to the following:

  • New home construction
  • New detached building construction
  • Be aware all new detached building activity must be accompanied by a drawing of where on your property the detached building will be located. Pay attention to setback lines and easements that may be on your property.
  • Exterior remodeling such as a new roof or siding replacement larger than 100 sq. ft.
  • Electrical service upgrades or modifications
  • Modifications to plumbing, water, sewer, gas and air conditioning/heating systems
  • In-ground or above ground swimming pools
  • Attached or detached building demolition or moving
  • Erecting fences with the following exceptions: If you are building a fence where there   was no fence, a permit is required.  If you are replacing or repairing a fence in the exact same location on your property, no permit is required.

You must call 811 locators prior to digging fence post holes or excavating for foundation footings etc. Building permits can be obtained through the city office at 281-756-0577 or downloading the form below.

Permit Applications

Hillcrest Village Permit Application Form

This permit must be posted in a location visible from the street on the front of your home. A window or glass door facing the street is the preferred location. Failure to post the permit may result in your project being stopped until such time as the proper permit posting is complete. It is the responsibility of the contractor to give a copy of the permit to the homeowner for their records.