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Welcome to Hillcrest Village

A Place to Call Home

Hillcrest Village is a small community located in Brazoria County, bordering the city of Alvin, Texas. It began in the late 1950’s when Monsanto Corporation approached the Chamber of Commerce in Alvin, Texas about building a subdivision to house employees and executives for the companies’ burgeoning business development near Chocolate Bayou. Mr. Pat Patterson bought the first acreage from E.A. Richards and looked for a builder and developer to go forward with the plans.

The first house in the village proper was built on the corner of Main and Hillcrest Drive in the late spring of 1961 at a cost of $24,000. New houses in Hillcrest Village topped the $30,000 mark by 1964. Hillcrest Drive, Crestmont Drive and Ridgemont Drive were developed first. Homeowners and developers had purchased and built out most of the property on those streets by 1965.

Concurrently, R.E. Strickland purchased the remainder of the land on the east side of Hillcrest Drive. He added more streets and with other builders began designing and building mores homes there. The west side of Main Street was developed, sold and built in the mid 1970’s.

Hillcrest Village sits on high ground with very few low spots. It is higher than the city of Alvin and measures 43 feet above sea level. Alvin measures only 39 feet above sea level. In 1961 you could see all the way to Alvin because there were very few trees and not many houses. Looking to the west revealed Alvin Community College. Legend has it that Mr. Patterson and Mr. Richards joked there must be a crest of a hill here because of how far in each direction you could see. That is how Hillcrest Village got its’ name.

In 1963 the citizens decided to control their own destiny and incorporated as the City of Hillcrest Village. The city decided to have no businesses located within the village. Early City activities included a Village picnic and the lighting of the Village at Christmas time. These traditions continue to this day with a National Night Out celebration in the fall and a Spring Fling in April at the city park next to the municipal building on Main Street and West Timberlane.

There is a Christmas decoration contest in December and on Christmas Eve, residents light the luminaries that line the street in front of their homes. Residents from far and wide visit the city to see our homes and streets all lit up. It is truly a magical experience.

The city of Hillcrest Village started with three residents. Today it has grown into a Village of 700 diverse citizens from all walks of life. Hillcrest Village truly is a place to call home.